How Does Cub Scouting Work?

A more detailed overview can be found here.

Your Son is a member of a Cub Scout Den

Each Den is determined by school grade level

  • Tiger Cub (first grade)
  • Wolf Cub (second grade)
  • Bear Den (third grade)
  • Webelos (fourth & fifth grade)

Den Meetings

The den meets twice a month which is led by a Den Leader (usually a parent) along with additional parent volunteers

  • Tiger Cub parents must work with their child every step of the cub scout trail and be fully engaged on all activities at meetings
  • Meetings days and time vary by dens
  • They consist of games / crafts / education programs – usually ends with a small treat

Pack Meetings

  • All dens meet as a pack once a month.
  • These meetings are usually held on the first friday of the month at 6:30pm
  • Walnut Trails Elemenry School - 301 Wynstone Dr, Shorewood, IL 60404
  • Recognition of scouts achievements and advancement
  • A short program or activity is typically planned around a theme.


Annual Activities / Special Events / Meetings

Throughout the Scout year your child will have the opportunity to participate in camping / field trips / derby racing / activities


  • Annual Fall & Spring Trips
  • Summer Camping
  • Other activities
  • Examples: Bowling, museum trips, sporting events

Derby Races

  • Pine Wood (Cars)
  • Space Derby (Rockets)
  • Rain Gutter Regatta (Boats)
  • Cubanapolis


Leadership of Cub Pack #464

All of our PACK leadership has been TRAINED!!

  • Official BSA Training Courses
  • Boy Scouts of American requires leaders to complete training on a yearly basis.
  • Online and Weekend Training are available for all scout parents throughout the scout year

We Encourage ALL Parents to be Trained

xx% of adults have been trained in youth protection to protect our children – this year our goal is xx%

Parent Run PACK

  • The success of our programs are only as good as the parents – as the books guide us – parental / adult involvement is key
  • ALL Leaders / Volunteers have children involved in Scouting
  • Parent Information Sheets will let us know of any special talents you may have to be able to help our children
  • WE encourage each Scout family to volunteer for one or more committees or positions within the Pack 


Where does the money come from?

Pack #464 Money Sources



  • ALL are Tax Deductible
  • Businesses
  • Parents / Relatives seeking their children to benefit

Fund raising Activities

  • Cake Bake Auction
  • Snack sales at events
  • Popcorn Sales
  • Cub Scout Annual Dues


How much does Scouting cost?

Annual Program

  • Derbies average costs are $10.00 per child (3 per year / $30 )
  • Books ($8- $12 per scout)
  • Annual Awards ($20 – $30 per scout)
  • National BSA Dues ($15 per scout)
  • Boys Life Subscription ($12 per scout)
  • Programs / Supplies ($800 average per den)

Annual Dues

$100 donation per Child

$40 donation for each additional child in the Pack (This offsets most program costs, BSA annual dues, boy’s life magazine subscription for each child)


You are responsible for your son’s uniform

See details below

Other Activities / Camping Trips

YOU are responsible for all camping trips

Indoor environment trips costs vary (Venue sets price — past experiences $10 - $40)

Summer Camping Fees are determined by facility ALL adults choose


For most events and meetings we ask that parents rotate bringing snacks for all scouts and siblings to enjoy

Fun Fact! Scouts gather approx. 100 hours annually. Dues cost well under $2 per hour of fun!


My Son is Joining – now what?

Complete Application

Registration and pack dues 

  • Make Checks Payable to “PACK #464 (You can also pay the entire fee)
  • Sorry NO REFUNDS

Start Scouting!!

  • Work on Bobcat requirements. This is the first achievement every Cub Scout earns.
  • Please review handbook completely and help your son begin to develop into tomorrow’s leaders
  • Many badge requirements are completed at home

Purchase Uniform for next Pack Meeting


  • Uniforms can cost aprroximately $100
  • The shirt and associated patches are most important (approximately $45)
  • What to buy

Where to Purchase